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Here at Wrinkle-Remover-Cream.com we provide unbiased product reviews, based on independent research from folks like ConsumerReports.org, and recognized industry experts like the "Cosmetics Cop" Paula Begoun.

This means that most of our advice encourages women to take advantage of proven, value for money products available at their local drugstore or supermarket.

USUALLY websites like mine provide favorable reviews of big ticket items such as StriVectin, La Prairie, or Hydroderm, and then link through to a merchant site in the hope that you will buy an expensive - but possibly ineffective and over-priced - wrinkle remover cream.

Welcome to the wonderful world of online affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where you make money by referring people searching the web to an online store, and then receiving a sales commission - your "cut" for attracting that customer.

Don't get me wrong. This is a legitimate business model and can be very useful in helping folks find exactly what they are looking for.

However, when it comes to skin care there is already way too much hype and misleading claims. It is hard to find honest reviews because you can't make money from a website if you are telling women that the best thing they can do for their skin is buy sunscreen and Olay Regenerist from their local Publix.


I am passionate about skin care and believe every woman deserves to look and feel her best. And I HATE the way our concerns and insecurities as we start to grow older are exploited by 28 year old guys in suits, making ridiculous claims about "miracle products" that all too often fail to deliver.

I am also passionate about working from home and earning a comfortable living.

Think of what I do as being like the tv news with Walter Cronkite, back in the days before cable. Free to air television was able to bring millions of people reliable news broadcasts, and a range of entertainment programs as well, because businesses paid to show their ads during the commercial breaks.

In this same way, I earn money from the "Ads by Google" that appear on the pages of this website. Google supply the advertisments, and I get money whenever my readers click on something that is interesting or relevant to them. I have no control over what ads Google supply, and they have no impact on the news I deliver about what is going on with the latest wrinkle remover creams and anti-aging products.

Site Build It!

This is a wonderful business model because I get to report accurately, without needing to sell you something. It is very liberating to have that freedom. Yet I still make a healthy return and have the satisfaction of running a profitable website - my very own small business.

Today there are thousands and thousands of people doing what I do, with money-making websites about all kinds of topics.

This site was created using Site Build It! (SBI!). SBI is a complete system for Internet newbies who don't have any technical skills but would like to share their passion with the world. SBI! makes it simple for ANYONE to build a website.

If you would like to earn extra income, or even make a full-time job out of having your own website, come and meet some friends of mine, and discover exactly how easy, fun, and worthwhile this is.

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