Nutrix by Lancome

The re-launch of Nutrix by Lancome is remarkable by any measure.

How do you even begin to review a product formulated in 1936 in our brave new 21st century world of cosmeceuticals?

Prior to preptides, before botox, earlier than elastin, Nutrix was a flagship product for Lancome, one of Europe's Grand Dames of the beauty industry.

What did they even put in skin care products in the 1930s?

Nutrix by Lancome

First of all, understand that Nutrix is not a traditional wrinkle remover cream. Today it would be categorized as a "face and body moisturizer".

Lancome's marketing describes Nutrix, priced at $45 for 1.9 oz, as follows:

"Beloved for 70 years, this extra-rich original all-purpose formula is now back by popular demand. Rehydrates patches of severe dryness everywhere: face, lips, hands, even elbows and knees. Leaves skin soothed, smoothed and shielded from extreme weather conditions."

The key ingredients are mineral oil, lecithin, soybean protein, lanolin, and beeswax.

Oddly enough, the stuff does work. Even the frequently caustic "Cosmetics Cop" Paula Begoun conceedes that Nutrix by Lancome is a "very good" moisturizer.

As for customer reviews - here is a product that has been selling solidly for over 70 years, and had to be reinstated when Lancome tried to retire it. Women don't necessarily want new technology, fancy packaging or gimmicks. They DO want skin care that works and the remarkable longevity of Nutrix speaks for itself.

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Lancome skin care products

Isabella Rossellini represented Nutrix by Lancome and many other Lancome skin care products throughout the 80s and 90s.

Nutrix may be a long standing success story for Lancome but it is far from the only one. Certainly it is not the best of the Lancome skin care products.

They have some excellent combination moisturizers with sunscreen and self-tanners with much more cutting edge formulations, and their makeup is, of course, simply beautiful.

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Lancome eye cream

As well as 1936 Nutrix by Lancome there is a hi-tech Lancome eye cream.

There is more than one Lancome eye cream.

The wonderfully named Absolue Eye Absolute Replenishing Eye Treatment has been discontinued. This is not such a great loss. At $78 it was relatively expensive, and not particularly effective, or even unique.

It has been replaced by a new Lancome eye cream - Absolue Eye Premium Bx. This is heavily hyped as containing two cutting edge technologies.

Anne Hathaway is the latest to represent Lancome skin care products, but Nutrix by Lancome was way before her time.

Just an old fashioned girl? Lancome has classic appeal and it is no surprise that this elegant, timeless European cosmetic house continues to appeal to women of all ages.

However, as explained all over this website, each woman has such different skin that there is NO product, even one that has been loved since 1936 like Nutrix by Lancome, that is effective for everyone.

Quality skin care is not one size fits all!

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