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Oil of Olay products continue to dominate the anti-aging anti-wrinkle skin care market since the first time Olay made their debut with a small white bottle sealed by a black cap. Oil of Olay, later changed to Olay to unify the brand internationally, became a true global company. The beauty product lines offered by Olay include peptides, vitamins, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients to help soften the face, brighten the eye area, moisturize dry skin, and prevent sensitive skin irritation.

Using Oil of Olay products around the eyes, deals with age related symptoms such as puffiness, dark spots, wrinkles, crow's feet, and dark circles. Improper care, neglect, sun damage, fatigue, stress, and not enough sleep are the causes of aging signs on the surface of the eye area. To help or prevent damage to the skin around the eyes, be sure to use Olay eye cream, as it is specially formulated to prevent the gel from running or migrating on the skin like regular moisturizers do. It also contains anti aging properties that work to help your eyes look brighter and younger.

Dry skin is common among both men and women, and still is an ongoing problem today despite all the moisturizers available to remedy the dryness of the skin. Research shows that one of the leading causes of dry skin comes right from your own bathroom, by taking hot baths and showers and using products that contain chemicals harsh to the skin.

However, body wash and moisturizing products from Olay help protect your skin from getting dry while taking a hot bath or shower. In addition, the ingredients in Olay's body care products have regenerative properties to eliminate dry skin, and produce stronger, hydrated skin.


Millions of women have sensitive skin that gets very easily irritated from various factors such as dry air climate, wind, cold, humidity, pollution, and harsh beauty products. Many Oil of Olay products, available in the sensitive skin care category, are milder versions of the regular products.

Look for non-comedogenic Olay products that are 100% free of fragrance to help with moisturizing the skin. With careful attention and using the right Olay product line to cater to your sensitive skin, while the irritating factors silently go away and never come back, the skin becomes younger looking at the same time.

Users of Oil of Olay products for their skin report:

  • After being a long time Clinique user, my skin still felt very dry. Decided to switch to Olay and was pleasantly surprised how soft and hydrated my skin became

  • Will continue to use Olay because they offer products that are fragrance free, oil free, and has SPF sun protection that works great on my ultra sensitive skin

  • Was surprised at the positive results initially, but my skin became sensitive and red after prolonged use of their products

  • Olay's moisturizer is so hydrating on my skin and my face no longer breaks out

  • Replaced a product that was four times more expensive, and works better

  • Wish I would have read the reviews before buying, but would have bought Olay products anyway because of their reputation

  • Cannot believe how much younger my skin looks from using their anti aging moisturizers, and blows away other anti aging creams that I've used
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