Anti Aging Discoveries

New and exciting anti aging discoveries are being made almost daily.

And the best news is that most of this information is readily available and easy to use and understand.

In fact, some of the most powerful anti aging secrets are things you do yourself right now.

True anti anging is all about self help.


The most powerful anti aging secrets are things you can do right now. You don't need mysterious or expensive anti aging secrets.

That is right! You see, scientific studies based on twins have shown that only 30% of longevity is genetic or predetermined.

Also, aging is reversible. Even if you have neglected or abused your body and your health, anti aging discoveries include the powerful truth that if you follow a good health habit for just 3 years, your body is as if you had done it your whole life.


1. Relax! A major indication/cause of aging is shortened telomeres. (A telomere is the tip or end of a chromosome.) People who are stressed have telomeres up to 50% shorter than people who do not report stress. So relax. Stress really will kill you.

2. Use anti-oxidants to combat oxidization and other damage caused by free radicals. Maintain a balanced pH and eliminate free radicals.

3. Preserve your stem cells. It is true that stem cells can reproduce indefinitely, hence the high level if interest in all stem cell research and treatments. However, as we age, our bone marrow releases fewer stem cells so we have less ability to repair damage. Also, each time a stem cell reproduces there is a risk of something going wrong with the cell division process - for example forming a cancer tumor cell. So don't squander your stem cells by sending them on repair missions you can avoid by not smoking, getting drunk, or getting sunburn.

Anti aging discoveries are often about eating the right foods.

4. Strengthen your immune system. This is easily done through consuming nutrients such as omega-3s (fish oil), resveratrol (red wine and grapes), catehins (green tea), quercetin (onions, garlic, apples), and lycopene (tomatoes, red grapefruit).

5. Wear sunscreen. You cannot age well if you die from cancer, and skin cancer is a major killer. Likewise, quit smoking.

6. Cut back on sugar. Way back! Excess glucose promotes glycosylation - protein malfunction and excessive inflammation. In "You Staying Young", Dr Oz describes this process in gruesome detail and reports it is a major ager. And as we all know now, the more sugar you eat, the more you deaden your body's ability to correctly regulate blood sugar through insulin - in other words, diabetes. Diabetes is a major killer, is on the rise, and is intimately related to other killers like high blood pressure and heart disease.

7. Eat less. Systematic calorie restriction and "under-eating" has repeatedly been shown to extend life. Do NOT "Dog your grave with your teeth".

ise is one of the most important anti aging discoveries.

8. Get more sleep. Lack of sleep will kill you faster than lack of food, and people who sleep less than 6 hours per night have a 50% higher chance of viral infection, heart attack and stroke. You need at least 7 hours, whether you want to admit it or not.

9. Use it or lose it. There is no way out. You MUST exercise. the alternative is atrophy and persistent bone and muscle loss. At a minimum, walk for 30 minutes per day.

10. Take a muti-vitamin and mineral supplement every day and never eat trans-fats or anything with more than 4 grams of sugar per serving.

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Anti aging secrets for skin

Anti aging secrets for skin are simple - avoid sun, don't smoke, drink water, eat

Protecting your skin is possibly the most important of all anti aging secrets.

How do we do this? First of all, get smart about UV radiation. The sun can either nourish or destroy our bodies. It does this through the skin - our major organ.

There really are no secrets!

Smart women have always known the secret to a youthful, flawless protection - prevention through use of a good sunscreen. Don't leave home without it.

Avoiding sun damage is the most important antiaging secret for good skin and notions like "the sun can clear up acne" are dangerous myths.

After prevention comes treatment with products that actually work such as Emu Oil, AHAs and Vitamin A retinoids - these are the true anti aging discoveries of our time.

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The dangers of sunbaking, tanning beds, smoking, too much sugar, and alcohol abuse are the most significant anti aging discoveries for the skin.

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