Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Here are some anti aging skin care tips that will help prevent the need for expensive Botox treatments and harmful cosmetic surgeries. Blaming the aging of your skin on the sun, gravity, or any other excuse should not stop you from taking care of your skin. Giving your skin special attention will go a long way to giving you a youthful look and appearance.

Drink Water


The most important of the several anti aging skin care tips is to drink plenty of clean water. Many doctors and specialists always recommend 8 cups of water a day as the optimum amount to keep your body hydrated and your skin moisturized. However, if you do a lot of exercise, you may need to drink at least 10 to 12 cups daily or more. Higher percentage of the human body is made out of water, so it's important to keep the body fueled with H20. The water in your body hydrates the skin, and causing it to stay healthy and radiate with youthfulness.

Avoid Cosmetics

One of the few anti aging skin care tips is related to cosmetics. Try to avoid using make up as you get older, as they can clog your pores. Your skin needs the breathing room to stay healthy. Instead, focus on natural moisturizers and other products with sun block properties that can help protect your skin from the blazing sun. The lotion in the moisturizing sun block also helps your skin stay hydrated at the same time. The same goes for your lips with a lip balm or light lipstick that has SPF sun protection, which will help keep your lips hydrated and soft under the sun.

Avoid Tanning


Going to the tanning parlor is not a safe way to tan. The light bulbs in the sunbeds emit UVA rays that cause damage to the skin, resulting in fast aging. In addition, your chances of getting melanoma cancer increase when you use tanning beds on a regular basis. The aging of the skin accelerates as you, and as you age and continue tanning, the skin becomes drier and very leather-like. The same goes for lying in the sun with or without tanning oils. If you do need to be in the sun, an SPF location is a better alternative to tanning oil.

Sleep and Diet

Getting plenty of sleep and eating a proper diet are two of the best anti aging skin care tips and advice you can get. In order for your skin to keep looking its best, you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep for every 24 hour period. That way, your body will have time to fully regenerate the skin and keep it super charged.

People that do not sleep enough tend to show more signs of aging than their peers that sleep 8 hours or more per night.

Getting plenty of sleep and consuming a well-balanced, healthy food diet with plenty of water, will let your skin stay well nourished and beautiful.

Also, when using anti aging products, be sure that it's natural and does not contain chemicals. Usually the label will tell you everything, but if not, information and reviews of various skin care products can be found by searching online. Taking great care and proper attention of your skin will help you stay young and beautiful, and allow you to age gracefully.

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