Top Foods for Anti Aging Proven to Work. Don't Give Up Without a Fight

Foods for Anti Aging

Eating these foods for anti aging is a proven, safe, effective, and cheap way to quickly turn back the clock.

What are the best foods for anti aging? The main thing is to avoid inflamation, eliminate free radicals, and balance ph.

There are two approaches that are supported by growing evidence, and that bring quick results you can actually SEE, such as marked improvements in your skin, and sometimes even substantial weight loss.

First principle? Eat like a caveman!

Have you heard about the so-called "Paleo Foods"? This style of eating has been advocated in best selling books like "NeanderThin" and is well supported by clinical research. Human DNA is most compatible with the foods consumed by our ancestors, long before the domestication of animals and the introduction of commercial agriculture.

We evolved to eat foods such as:

Cold water fish like salmon are excellent foods for anti aging.
  1. Animal proteins, especially fish and small game

  2. Nuts and seeds (Avoid roasted and salted nuts though. fresh walnuts and almonds are great.)

  3. Fruits, especially berries, and vegetables

  4. Eggs

  5. Honey

We have NOT had time to adapt at a DNA level to dairy foods, refined grains and flours and sugars, alcohol, and artificial foods such as artificial sweeteners and chemical preservatives.

Try to eat at least 80% the way you were naturally designed to eat and just see what happens!

Discover why Paleo foods are anti aging

And the second principle? Avoid inflammation!

This is explained in great detail by the popular Dr Oz in "YOU: Staying Young".

I will leave out the science and the details. What it boils down down to is:

Foods for anti aging should be high in antioxidants like blueberries.
  1. Eat plenty of lean protein, especially fish. Aim for 20-30 grams a day.

  2. Eat low glycemic carbs (LOW GI) such as vegetables rather than starches like pasta and sugar. Good fruits to eat are berries and avocados.

  3. Eat good fats, especially the essential fatty acids such as omega-3s found in fish oil. Use olive oil for salad dressing and eat small amounts of butter. Avoid trans-fats completely.

  4. Make sure every meal is balanced. Each and every meal should contain some lean protein, some low GI carbs, and some good oils such as omega 3-6-9.

  5. Drink water instead of coffee, booze, or soda. If you must have caffeine, drink green tea which is high in anti-oxidants.

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Anti aging vitamin supplements

Good foods for anti aging are high in healthy fats.

Figuring out which supplements to take can drive you crazy - and send you broke! Don't waste money on things you don't need and which are not scientifically proven.

The best anti aging vitamin supplements are:

  1. Essential fatty acids, especially omega-3s such as fish oil. However, the most effecive solution is to take pre-balanced capsules containg omega 3-6-9.

  2. Liquid vitamin B complex.

  3. Multi-minerals are actually more important than multi-vitamins. Today almost all the trace elements we need are missing from our leached soils and over processed foods so cover all your bases with a high potency multi mineral supplement that contains as many minerals as you can get!

  4. Green drinks! These correct the body's pH and so can combat yeast infections like candida and skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

  5. Acidophilus and/or digestive enzymes.

All natural anti aging

Walnuts are one of the surprising foods for anti aging.

Correct nutrition, especially combining balanced meals with smart supplementation, is the quickest and easiest route for all natural anti aging.

The other essential elements are exercise, sleep, and stress reduction.

You MUST sleep for at least seven hours and exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

As for stress, it will make you old, crazy and fat. Different people find different relaxation strategies effective. Increasing exercise, meditating, and Church involvement all correlate positively with long healthy life and youthful appearance and outlook. Choose the combination and activities that appeal most to you as an individual.

Interestingly, you will find that eating the right foods for anti aging results in a sort of "calm energy" that makes it easier to find the motivation to exercise, but also helps you sleep better.

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