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The services and comprehensive skin care Bryn Mawr offers includes skin care products for all your skin. Mawr offers cosmetic services plus prescription strength and preventative skin care products so all clients can receive the best products for their personal skin care needs.


Acne problems are not limited to teenagers and the acne-specific products for skin care Bryn Mawr offers provide effective solutions. Acne conditions can be stubborn and difficult to treat primarily because many of the best acne fighting ingredients dry out skin cells.

  • Benzoyl peroxide combined with Aloe Vera in a gel cleanser removes stubborn cell blockage while providing soothing moisturizers to the skin.

  • BMD Benzoyl Peroxide wash contains a 10% benzyol peroxide solution and is gentle enough to use daily.

  • Salicylic acid has been used for decades to treat acne and the BMD Clarifying Foamy Cleanser can be used on all types of skin.

Bryn Mawr dermatology over the counter, prescription-free acne treatment products include:

  • BMD Glycolic 10% pads to gently remove dead skin cells, as well as oil and dirt

  • Glytone Acne Back Spray contains a 2% solution of salicylic acid, and Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash foaming cleanser,

  • RetiClear and RetiSal gels for sensitive skin

  • Avène Rétrinal 0.1 % cream

  • Two skin care Bryn Mawr Saving Face kits, regular and travel size, that contain BMD Clarifying Foamy Cleanser , BMD Erase-It Touch Stick , and BMD Glycolic 10% Treatment Pads.

Body Cream

Skin covers the entire body and keeping every inch healthy is an important factor of skin care Bryn Mawr products. In addition to facial creams Bryn Mawr offers:

  • Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream with glycol to help soften these areas which can be difficult to moisturize

  • Vanicream Lite lotion and Vanicream Pump lotion for sensitive skin

  • Avène TriXéra formulated for extremely dry skin that can be used by children and adults and available in two sizes

  • BMD Glycolic 15 Lotion an exfoliant lotion that can be used on acne prone areas and individuals who suffer from kurtosis pilaris


Cleansing the skin is important and skin care Bryn Mawr products gently remove dirt and unblock pores and are formulated for all skin types.

  • Bryn Mawr's Clarifying Foaming cleanser contains salicylic and glycolic acids

  • BDM Gentle cleanser can be used on all skin types.

Rocacea is a common skin condition that requires special skin care products and Bryn Mawr has formulated the BDM RosaCleanse, a foaming cleanser that is gentle on the skin especially the reddened areas affected by rocacea. This product can also be used by those with sensitive skin.

Foaming Exfoliating body wash, cleansing pads with salicylic acid and Glytone Acne Back Spray containing a 2% salicylic acid solution complete Bryn Mawr's cleansing products.

Eye Care

The delicate skin around the eyes is usually where the signs of aging appear first. Skin care Bryn Mawr eye products are formulated to help prevent this area from aging prematurely and to reduce existing lines and wrinkles.

  • BMD EyeLighter Cream contains Kojic acid, antioxidants including Vitamin C, E, and K, plus Green Tea extract

  • Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream reduces puffiness, reduces lines and wrinkles and lightens under eye darkness

  • BMD VitaEye Cream contains peptides, antioxidants and emollients

  • Latisse is a prescription eyelash product that helps the lashes to grow thicker, longer and richer in color.


Moisturizers help the skin repair damage caused by environmental and sun exposure. The special skin care Bryn Mawr moisturizers are available for all skin types and conditions.

  • Elta MD Moisturizer contains no fragrance or preservatives and will not block pores

  • Replenix CF Cream contains green tea and caffeine to help reduce the damage caused by free radicals

  • BMD Intense Moisturizer Cream formulated for dry skin contains fatty acids and ceramides

  • BDM moisturizers for normal skin is available in sheer, light and nourishing formulas and all of these will not block skin pores allowing oxygen to be absorbed.

Protection from the Sun

The sun can damage skin faster than almost any other agent. Providing skin care Bryn Mawr products that include a sunscreen allow customers to utilize moisturizing products knowing that their skin is protected from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

  • BMD Advanced Anti-Photoaging Sunscreen with SPF 45

  • BMD Sunscreen Pads with SPF 30

  • Elta MD UV Facial with SPF 30+ protects and moisturizes

  • BMD MelaShade is a light moisturizing sun protectant that can be worn under makeup.

  • Elta MD UV is available in 30, 40, and SPF 46 for additional protection

  • Vanicream Sunscreen is available in SPF 30, 45 and 60 strengths

  • DCL Quick-Dry Sunscreen SPF 15 easily absorbed

  • Sun Shield Spray with a 30 SPF is easily absorbed

  • Lips need protection too and the Solar Protection Lip Balm SPF 45 moisturizes while it protects.

Skin Care Kits

Skin care Bryn Mawr kits have been designed to help customers use their products regularly. In addition to the Face Saving kit's the Back in Time Kit for mature skin contains BMD VitaDerm Cream, BMD Rejuvenating Pads, BMD Retinol Pads, BMD VitaEye Cream, and Elta MD UV Clear with SPF 46.

The Sahara Rescue Kit contains BMD Gentle Cleanser, BMD VitaDerm Cream, Avène TriXéra, BMD MelaShade, and the BMD Light Moisturizer.

The Sun Damage Kit includes BMD Gentle Cleanser, BMD KojiLac-C Cream, BMD Retinol Pads, BMD Rejuvenating Pads and Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46.

Skin care Bryn Mawr products were created by dermatologists for their patients and are now available to the public. Some of these products require a visit to a dermatologist for the initial prescription, but refills can be obtained without additional appointments.

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