Victoria Principle Skin Care

The Victoria Principle Skin Care Line emerged in 1991 after Victoria Principle, realized she was allergic to many of the makeup and cleansing products on the market. Most famous for her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing on CBS' "Dallas", she found the perfect solution and launched a successful line of products that included a wrinkle remover cream.

Reclaim System


The complete line of anti-aging skin solutions are all under the umbrella of the Reclaim system. The focus of the skincare line is the more mature woman who is looking for a way to rejuvenate her epidermis. Unlike some products on the market, science supports the skincare line claims.

Principle Secret

The Reclaim system promises several things that most people want in their daily cleansing system. The two most important are that the system is quick and offers a variety of anti-aging benefits. The Victoria Principle Skin Care line, is a three-part system called the Principle Secret; a not so subtle play on words of the founder's name.

Total Facial Cleanser

The first part is a cleansing cream, which is described by Victoria as "rich and creamy", in a how-to video available on the company's website. The Total Facial Cleanser removes everything from common dirt and grime to makeup. The scent is that of sweet melon that contributes to the sensation of a freshly washed face.

The cleanser also has a built in toner; with the main ingredient in this system Argireline, also known as Acetyl Hexapeptide-3. Argireline is a muscle relaxant that produces a mild paralysis of the face; comparing it to a Botox-like effect. There are some concerns about the long-term side effects of this substance as it is a relatively new ingredient and clinical studies have not tested long-term use.


Eye Serum

Next, the Age Braker Eye Firmation Eye Serum, essentially an eye cream and wrinkle remover cream rolled into one package. This part of the Victoria Principle Skin Care line addresses one of the areas that many feel is their biggest problem area. Apply the cream to the eyes and eye area, extending it to the hairline in an effort to minimize crow's feet and laugh lines. The process only takes minutes but claims to make you look years younger. Argireline is also the main component in its effectiveness, as with the Total Facial Cleanser.

Protective Skin Cream


The final step in this process is a liberal application of the Revolutionary Anti-Aging Day or Night Creams, the day cream containing an extra SPF-15. According to the product's advertising, the moisturizer is able to go deep into the skin's outer layers within only a few minutes, and is part of the anti-aging skin care protection offered in these products.

This is the only one of the three products that states it meets the levels of Argireline, which proved effective in clinical studies, but the presence of this chemical in all three steps of the system show that Victoria Principle believes in the product.

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