Free Skin Care Samples

There are free skin care samples available at cosmetic counters, through magazines and online. Finding truly free samples can be challenging, but many cosmetic manufacturers offer money-back guarantees and products that require customers only pay for shipping and handling.

Try Products for Free

Skin care companies realize that customers may be hesitant to purchase an expensive product regardless of how many positive reviews or endorsements it receives. These companies offer free skin care samples to potential customers by providing them free as long as the customer pays for shipping and handling.

  • LifeCell is confident that their product will reduce wrinkles and is an excellent skin care item that they are willing to ship one 60-day tube for a small shipping fee.

  • iQ Derma offers two free samples for the cost of shipping and handling that include SmartLash mascara which lengthens lashes and thickens brows and the Ageless Face System. These skin care samples are three step anti wrinkle skin care programs that include Ageless Face Cream, Firming Eye Cream and Skintensive Xcel serum.

  • Hydroxatone offers potential customers two jars, a 30-day supply, of Hydroxatoneâ AM/PM Rejuvenating Treatment plus a Balancing Toner for the cost of shipping and handling.

  • RAW Natural Beauty free samples includes the Discovery Kit that contains two mineral foundations, Mineral Glow and Active Veil SPF 18 plus their Maximum Coverage Foundation, concealer and multi-tasking brushes plus a DVD to help you use their products. This company asks for your skin color so they can match their products to your skin tone providing the trial kit for the cost of shipping and handling.

  • Facial Serum offers customers the Anti-Aging Face Lift that contain peptides for the cost of shipping and handling. All of these free skin care samples require that you provide a valid credit card number.

If for some reason you are dissatisfied, contact the company and cancel your trial. Some companies request that unused products be return at the customer's expense.

Money Back Guarantee

Companies offering free samples may in fact only offer money back guarantees. This means that the company will charge you for the product but if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can return the product and your money will be refunded.

  • Glowelle free samples treat your skin from the inside out. This company provides a 30-day supply of their product plus a free water bottle and if you contact customer service by telephone, your money will be refunded if you are dissatisfied.

  • Pure Collagen Skincare is a supplement that helps the body repair skin from the inside out and this is also a pay first free sample that if dissatisfied can be cancelled for a full refund.

  • Proactive offers a 60-day money back guarantee on their basic 3-Step System that includes Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Treatment. Proactive also includes a Refining Mask, travel size Green Tea Moisturizer, the Doctor's Secret to a Lifetime of Clear Skin and special benefits as a Proactive customer. In order to receive these products you must pay for the products plus shipping and handling and call to cancel within 30 days of your purchase or your credit card will be charged for the next month.

Customer Rewards

  • The Borba company provides customers who place a large order free samples as tokens of their appreciation.

  • Dove offers single use free skin care samples and hair care samples on their website occasionally. These are totally free single use samples that can take up to six weeks to arrive.

  • Proctor and Gamble also offers free skin care samples listed on their home page. Since this corporation owns CoverGirl, Olay and SK-11 free skin care sample links are occasionally listed. Proctor and Gamble also has a program for customers that send emails regarding free samples, and signing up only requires a valid email address.

  • Plazan facial skin care products offers customers free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

  • Pure and Simple provides absolutely free skin care samples of collagen fluid without shipping and handling charges or pre-payment.

Free Product Website


Sometimes free product websites have free samples listed. Using a valid screen name you can subscribe free and a list of free products will be delivered to you email box. While free skin care samples are not always listed daily, many free samples can be requested including samples from Eucerin, Olay, Dove, Caress, Axe, Jergens and more. No credit card information will be requested, however many of these free product forms will ask for a valid physical address plus your email. Occasionally confirmation is sent to your email address before the sample will be shipped so you have to use a valid email address.

Finding free skin care samples can be challenging but not impossible. Finding money back guarantees for skin care products and trial samples that require only shipping and handling fees be paid are much easier to locate.

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