Anti Aging Facial Mask

A lot of readers ask me "What is the best anti aging facial mask?"

To be frank, I have been reluctant to discuss either facials or ant aging masks very much because my own research and experience indicates that most are not worth the money.

In fact, many do more harm than good!

I have had dozens of facials - I used to be a spa junkie. In exchange for large amounts of money, I got to be pampered and would leave looking refreshed.

Many of us get addicted to the spa experience of an anti aging facial mask.

"Refreshed" - you would not believe how long it took me to come up with the right word. To say "younger" would definitely be a lie. At best, I would say most spa facials leave your skin a little brighter and softer looking, but it sure 'aint plastic surgery.

And now for the more harm than good part - ever had a break out after a facial, or even after using a mask at home? How about redness or irritation? One friend of mine is actually scarred from bad quality pore extraction work she had done at a spa in Orlando!

I am not just being negative because of anecdotal evidence. The dermatologist Dr Jeffrey Dover is very critical of facials on page 28 of his best selling book, "the Youth Equation". The doctor cites all the same problems - breakouts, irritation, and even permanent scarring. He agrees the biggest benefit just comes from relaxing and getting pampered for a while!

Save your money and use a high quality mask at home. As always, it is about the ingredients.

Instead of a cheap drugstore clay mask that will only strip your skin, consider using something with proven moisturizing and antioxidant power.

Excellent anti aging facial mask from Dr Perricone.

You should be looking for an outstanding formula that will actually have a measurable effect on your skin, especially with regular monthly or weekly use.

I compared my personal favorites with Cosmetics Cop Paula Begoun and found there were two we agree on that contain proven ingredients and offer excellent anti aging benefits:

1. PerriconeMD Age Prevent Hydrating Nutrient Mask: A very indulgent, nurturing formula from the one of the most accomplished skincare doctors in the world. Nourish your skin with olive oil and shea butter, while trusting in his more scientific cosmeceuticals as an added bonus.

A great anti aging facial mask is Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Moisture Masque

2. Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Moisture Masque: Why did this make the cut?

Simple! It works! This is a true anti aging facial mask with a state-of-the-art peptide formula, stacks of antioxidants, and nothing to irritate the skin.

Especially good for normal to dry skin.

Paula included it in her just released list of best products for 2008 - the only anti aging facial mask to make her list.

According to the Cosmetics Cop:

"The company comments about the peptides in this product helping to improve skin's texture are surprisingly low key and fairly accurate Assuming the peptides can penetrate skin and not be destroyed by enzymes en route, they stand a good chance of improving cellular functioning, which in turn improves skin's texture and appearance. For that potential benefit and because this mask contains impressive levels of well researched antioxidants, it is best left on skin overnight rather than rinsed after several minutes. This mask is fragrance free."

Anti aging discoveries

As discussed elsewhere on this website, important anti aging discoveries emphasize preventing sun damage as the single most critical factor for your skin.

As far as a worthwhile wrinkle remover cream goes, stick to the proven ingredients: Retinol, AHAs, hydroquinone, and the antioxidants and moisturizers we have proven research on.

Best antaging skincare

An anti aging facial mask can work wonders but the basics provide the best antiaging skincare.

Please remember! The BEST antiaging skincare you can do for yourself is the small but regular steps of a simple daily skincare routine.

You MUST: 1) Cleanse/exfoliate. 2) Hydrate/nourish. 3) Protect/prevent . . . EVERY SINGLE DAY.

That is the road to beautiful, youthful skin. A high quality weekly or monthly mask (depending on budget) is a wonderful option to add to this routine, but nothing will make up for the damage you do by neglecting the basics.

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