Anti Wrinkle Cream Reviews

When reading anti wrinkle cream reviews it is important to understand that companies often use writers to create product reviews. There are ways to investigate to discover if reviews are written by real customers or by paid writers.

Customer Reviews


The best way to learn how a product performed or worked is to read customer reviews. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to sift through sensational, too good to be true testimonies from anti wrinkle cream reviews to find those written by satisfied customers.

Specific websites devoted to customer reviews for products exist and are easily located using search engines. Websites such as these include anti wrinkle cream reviews, product blogs where customers can compare results and occasionally post photographs. Unlike professional photographs that use blank backgrounds and expertly styled hair, customer photos are taken at home with pictures and furniture.

Many skin cream companies like La Prairie have contact us links on the bottom of their websites page. Customers can use these links to rave about a product or complain about one that does not work.

Professionally Endorsed Reviews

Locating someone with a doctorate to write anti wrinkle cream reviews or any product review is easy, especially for large manufacturing companies. Computer access is all that is required to obtain a Health Grade given to practicing doctors, Certified Physician list or a clinician's credentials. Using a simple search of the doctor or facilities name allows consumers to check on the doctor's licensure, their patient reviews and their current medical board status.

If a product is endorsed by a specific type of doctor, anti wrinkle cream for example, it should have been evaluated before being endorsed by a dermatologist. A search of a doctor's status should result in a medical practice record from a medical board that includes any sanctions, disciplinary actions and tells if the doctor is a practicing or retired professional.

The Strivectin website provides information on their scientists, including their education, awards and information allowing customers to confirm this information.

Government and Control Board Recommendations

Some anti wrinkle cream reviews include the logo or written approval from one of government agency or a product-specific control board. Obtaining FDA approval does not always ensure positive customer reviews. Customers can easily check a product that is FDA approved by going to the Food and Drug Administration's website at

Once at this page customers can enter a general search using a phrase like "wrinkle cream". Products that have been tested will appear in a list allowing individuals to research the product.

Other groups test products for safety, allergic reactions and purity. Customers conducting their own research provide a double check system for separating fact from fiction.

Manufacturer Reviews

When looking for anti wrinkle cream reviews check the products home website pages. Many times manufacturers will list customer reviews and complaints in descending order from newest to oldest. This allows customers to search for specific words, products and read for themselves how the company responded to complaints.

If a manufacturer's review list does not contain any complaints, additional research may be in order. While it is possible for a product to live up to the claims that have been advertised, this is rare.

Call the company if you have any questions about a specific product and it helps to have a product name and UPC code available. This allows a receptionist to route your call to the proper department. Wrinkle creams and sunscreen might be made by the same company, but a question about an ingredient in a wrinkle cream may not be answered properly by an employee in the sunscreen department.

Writing a Review

If a product performs as well or better than expected, people will want to know. There are many ways to provide anti wrinkle cream reviews. Websites dedicated to specific products like wrinkle creams and the manufacturer websites, plus many product packages and containers list web addresses and contact information including 1-800 numbers on occasion.

Whether by email, contact us forms provided by websites or by phone, companies that manufacture products want to hear from you. Companies that fail to respond to customer complaints can be reported to the Better Business Bureau in the company's home city or state or through a local BBB in the area in which you reside.

If a company responds to an email complaint with a survey about how the issue was handled, consider responding. By answering an email survey concerning a product complaint, the human resource department can help initiate protocols for customer service representatives, modify online website contact forms and help improve customer relations.

For each anti wrinkle cream, reviews numbering in the thousands may be available. Sorting through them, to determine which are factual customer reviews and which advertising sensationalism, remains your responsibility.

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