Chinese Skin Care

If you are looking for Chinese skin care tips, numerous actions and measures are effective in ensuring that you keep beautiful, smooth and healthy skin year round. Like other cultures, Chinese women have skin issues that are prevalent among them than others.

Because of this, it is important that you take a special effort to care for your skin and go the extra mile to keep your skin clear to avoid common problems that Chinese women and Asian women in general often experience.


Common Chinese Skin Care Issues

Chinese women have been habitually famous for having flawless, porcelain skin but it may often take some work to keep it looking and feeling its best. Knowing about how to prevent and treat common problems that are prevalent amongst women of your ancestry will give you the upper hand when it comes to putting your best and most beautiful skin out there for the world to see.

Enlarged Pores

Due to their ancestral, environmental surroundings, Chinese women often have larger pores than women of other heritages. This is because the weather in Asia often produces extensive amounts of direct sunlight and as a result people from this area tend to have larger pores it allows them to self regulate their temperatures more easily. Unfortunately, enlarged pores are often a beauty concern for Chinese women. Large pores can be treated and minimized easily with regular exfoliation and the occasional microdermabrasion treatment.

Oily Skin

Another Chinese skin care problem, also caused in part by large pores is oily skin. If you notice that your face is excessively oily, it is wise to treat this problem now as it can lead to clogged pores and facial acne in the future. In addition to regular exfoliation, treat oily skin by asking your doctor to prescribe you a Retin-A based product to help unclog pores.

Wash your face regularly with a cleanser made specifically for oily skin and change your skin care products so that you are using moisturizers and tools that are less prone to creating extra oil on the skin. As far as your makeup is concerned, consider the use of a mineral powder based makeup, rather than your typical liquid foundations to not only absorb some of the oil already in your skin and avoid adding to it.

Dark Spots

Due to the fact that Chinese women have light pigmented skin, you are very likely to be extra sensitive to direct sunlight which can cause dark spots and skin discoloration over time if you are not taking precaution to protect yourself.

Dark spots in the complexion are common among Asian women and while they can be masked using makeup and tinted moisturizers, the spots are preventable by limiting the amount of time you spend in direct sunlight unprotected. When outside, be sure to wear a high SPF sunscreen or at the very least a moisturizer that contains SPF. You may also want to consider wearing a hat to shield sunlight from directly hitting your face on hot days.

Dark spots appear early on in life and can be an embarrassing Chinese skin care issue. If you already have them, certain treatments have shown effective in lessening their appearance. Many Chinese women utilize skin-bleaching products to help lighten dark areas of skin, which work but can be damaging with repeated use.

Your best line of defense is to use a skin lightener that contains a product called Koji acid which with use prevent your skin from producing dark pigmentation and has your skin grows new cells they will continuously be lighter until the dark patch is almost or completely invisible.

Using some of these methods to combat common and irritating Chinese skin care problems will easily allow you to transform your skin to create supple, clear skin of which you will be proud.

No matter what type of skin issues you are dealing with, most of the time, a simple solution can help you solve your problem as long as you are willing to do the work to protect your skin. Visit with your dermatologist to discuss your skin care options and to find out more information about common issues that affect women of your heritage.

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