Green Tea Skin Care

Natural and effective, Green tea skin care is quickly becoming a staple in the fight against aging, acne and medical skin conditions including rosacea. The health benefits of Green tea are just now being proven by scientists however Green tea has been used to help control acne and rejuvenate skin for centuries.

Green Tea

Green tea is available from many countries including Japan, China and Korea plus different variants including Gunpowder, Gyokuro, and Jungjak green tea can be used in skin care products. By using different processing methods green teas are extracted from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant that also produces black and oolong tea and green teas are obtained through steaming the leaves of this Asian plant.

Beneficial Properties

Green tea contains many beneficial properties including flavonoids, catechins and polyphenols that have been proven to help fight many skin conditions and help rejuvenate skin cells and replenish naturally occurring substances.

Green tea skin care products are quickly becoming a large part of the skin care arsenal from prevention and reducing the signs of aging and as an important part an acne fighting skin care regime.

Inside and Out

Green tea can be used topically as a skin cleanser, added to moisturizers, toners and anti wrinkle creams plus when green tea is included as part of the daily diet even more beneficial properties are utilized.

As an antioxidant, green tea may be one of the best when used both inside and out of the body and after brewing a cup of tea, the wet, warm leaves can be applied directly to the skin reducing inflammation while providing natural free radicals to help combat the signs of aging.

Natural Skin Care

Some skin care products use harsh chemicals however many green tea skin care products contain only natural ingredients including plant oils, fruit and vegetables to create moistening, cleansing and healing skin care creams.

Natural skin care does not need to be expensive and finding an all natural skin cream that includes green tea as a primary ingredient will be easy plus skin care products containing green tea can be made at home using common ingredients that most people have on hand.

Acne and Rosacea

Facial blemishes, and inflammation of the skin caused by medical conditions can be eliminated through the use of green tea products especially when used as a cleanser. Plus the internal benefits of adding green tea to the diet may produce visible results in a few weeks.

Green tea has been proven to remove toxins, promoting a better blood flow that in turn helps skin cells to rejuvenate and catechins found in green tea help balance hormone levels reducing the levels of sebum produced.

Green tea helps control the red skin and inflammation caused by Rosacea and many users see results in few hours. Studies indicate that seven out of ten rosacea suffers will benefit from skin care products containing green tea.

Green Tea Cream

There are many green tea creams available today including Elizabeth Arden, St. Ive's, L'Oreal, Cover Girl and Mary Kay. The wide variety of green tea creams and skin care products allow customers to choose the company, product and price range that suits their needs.

Green tea skin care including cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliants and toners is a natural way to combat the appearance of age lines, restore healthy looking skin and reduce acne outbreaks and inflammation.

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