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Celebrity spokeswoman, Jane Seymour, promotes Natural Advantage Skin Care with the motto: "wisdom comes from ageÂ…wrinkles don't have to." Seymour, along with dermatologist Dr. Patricia Farris, created the Natural Advantage product line aimed at women who want to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Choosing to use Natural Advantage products requires a commitment to a daily beauty regime. This regime requires the daily use of three products: Daily Cleansing Gel, All Day Moisturizer and Nighttime Renewal Complex. The company stresses products are not to be used individually or sporadically.

Skin Care Regime

The first step in Natural Advantage Skin Care involves the use of Daily Cleansing Gel. This product removes make-up, dirt and excess oils from the skin and needs to be applied twice a day, in the morning before you apply make-up and in the evening to remove it.

The second stage in the Natural Advantage process is using the All Day Moisturizer. This product is used to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. It also contains SPF 15, to protect against the suns UV rays, and Alpha Hydroxies (AHAs), which have exfoliate and healing properties. The moisturizer should be applied directly after the Daily Cleansing Gel and before applying make-up.

The third and final stage in the Natural Advantage Skin Care process is applying the Nighttime Renewal Complex. The Nighttime Renewal Complex utilizes Natural Advantage's patented Microsponge System to deliver Retinol or Vitamin A. Vitamin A has been long proven to aid in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles at a controlled amount; conversely too much Vitamin A will cause skin to become dry and irritated.

A pearl-sized amount of Microscponge should be applied after the cleanser, before bed; the Microsponge delivery system releases tiny amounts of Retinol into the skin gradually throughout the night.


Natural Advantage positive reviews include:

  • Reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Reverses sun damage and protect against UVAs
  • Affordable
  • Retinol delivery system
  • 60-day, full refund guarantee

Some disadvantages include:

  • Commitment to daily 3-product regime
  • Availability and accessibility of product
  • Mixed rate of success
  • Some people experience burning and other irritating sensations after applying products

In addition, when compared to other Retinol products, Natural Advantage does not contain ingredients that reverse collagen degradation, which have greater success in diminishing wrinkles and fine lines.

Purchase Information

Natural Advantage is not sold in stores; products can be purchased through QVC, a home shopping network, or directly through the Natural Advantage website. The first purchase is a starter kit containing the Daily Cleansing Gel, All Day Moisturizer and Nighttime Renewal Complex. Consumers have an auto-delivery option, where the company will send more products, automatically charging your credit card. Some consumers have complained that they receive products too soon and that the alternative of purchasing individual items through the site is more expensive.

Natural Advantage offers a full, no-questions asked refund (sans shipping and handling costs) up to 60 days past the time of purchase.

Product Line

The Natural Advantage Product line includes:

  • Daily Cleansing Gel
  • SPF 15 All Day Moisturizer with AHAs
  • Nighttime Renewal Complex with Retinol
  • Rapid Start Anti-Aging Peel
  • Firming & Lifting Neck Treatment
  • Eye Rescue Cream


Natural Advantage Skin Care requires a commitment to use three products every day. The Daily Cleansing Gel cleans and refreshes facial skin morning and night, the All Day Moisturizer keeps skin hydrated and protects against the sun's rays and the Nighttime Renewal Complex delivers small amounts of Retinol into your skin while you sleep.

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