Nontoxic Skin Care

For the health conscious person nothing beats nontoxic skin care products. These days, finding natural and organic skin care products is a lot easier than in the past. For one thing, people are a lot more conscious of their health and are doing everything they can to protect it.


Likewise, people are now more aware of the ingredients used in cosmetics and beauty care products and that research has shown that many common ingredients in skincare products are toxic with some even having carcinogenic properties.

Finding Nontoxic Cosmetic Products

The main driver in the beauty care market these days is the desire of both men and women to fight the ravages of time. As such, a high demand exists for a combination nontoxic skin care products that serve more than one purpose. Almost all products have some anti-aging ingredients as part of their formulation, but some of these products work better because they penetrate the skin a lot easier and quicker.

Sunscreen is a vital part of any anti-aging and skincare routine and helps protects skin against sun damage and premature wrinkles. The wide availability of nontoxic sunscreens in the market these days is testament to the demand for safer beauty products.

Just stating that a product is natural is not enough, as certain other markers indicate whether a product is natural. When looking for nontoxic skin care products look out for certification labels. Most truly organic products have gained certification from established international bodies. This certification indicates products that contain over 75 percent or more natural or organic ingredients.

The best way to find nontoxic items is looking at the ingredients in the product that you want to buy. Any product that contains either of the following is not natural, and is less likely to be totally safe:

  • Petrochemicals in the beginning were the main moisturizing agent in many skincare items. Modern thought indicates that it actually does the opposite by clogging pores, which not only hastens the aging of skin, but also results in acne breakouts.

  • Alcohol dries the skin, which is a big no-no as skin needs moisture to remain supple and smooth. The less moisture in the skin the more prone it is to wrinkles and other outward signs of aging.

Why Buy Nontoxic Skin Care Products

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and it demands that we care for it properly. One way to do this is to use the best products we can to care for it. For many people, the possibility of suffering allergic reactions to the products they use on their skin is a constant worry. With nontoxic products, this is rarely an issue as most manufacturers ensure that no ingredients contained in the product are likely to irritate the skin.

Natural personal care products help fight signs of aging such as lines and crow’s feet by rehydrating, regenerating and in many cases tricking the skin into increasing collagen production. Many of these ingredients are foods that nourish and nurture the skin from both the inside and the outside. While it is true that the shelf life of natural products is less than that of synthetic ones, the health and environmental benefits are worth that small sacrifice.

Buying natural products is another way to help protect the environment as most of the ingredients are natural, such as honey and tea. In fact, the main ingredients in many nontoxic products are everyday items such as chamomile, tea tree oil and Shea butter. So when thinking about safe cosmetics, toiletries and ways to contribute to saving the environment while fighting father time, look no further than nontoxic products.

In the past, the main drawback to buying nontoxic skin care items was cost. With the higher demand and therefore increasing supply, cost is no longer a major issue. Another big plus when it comes to these natural and organic products is the fact that the efficacy does not depend on using animals as test subjects.

Product lines that are natural and nontoxic:

  • Burt's Bees
  • Dr.Hauschka Skin Care & Remedies
  • Juice Beauty
  • Biocutis Skincare Products
  • Ava Anderson Skin care
  • Aubrey Organics
  • Jurlique
  • Eminence Organics
  • Lily Organics
  • KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr
  • Murad

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