Origins Skin Care

Leonard Lauder created the Origins skin care line in the late 80's under Esteé Lauder, a company well known for its cosmetics and perfumes. At the time of Origins' inception, Esteé Lauder was looking into developing a line of beauty products that would give weight to a greener lifestyle. Thus, with the help of Dr. Andrew Weil, an expert on natural health and wellness, Esteé Lauder developed Origins.

Origins Skin Care Main Ingredients

The products in Origins skin care line use herbs, plus plant-based and organic ingredients like essential oils; while beeswax and honey are the only two ingredients derived from animal sources. There are no traces of paragons, propylene glycol and even mineral oil in its formulation, and by 2007, Origins was certified by the US Department of Agriculture as a skin care product with 95% organic composition.

Product Selection

Origins skin care products are available at most department stores and specialty stores all over the world. The company also operates and distributes their skin care line through its website. The brand has a very comprehensive list ranging from creams, cleansers, acne control, scrubs, masks, moisturizers, defoliants, toners, bath products and cosmetics. But whatever the skin type, whether oily, dry, normal, combination or sensitive, there is a special item to help treat the condition or work effectively in maintaining a flawless and smooth skin.

Origins has made skin care and maintenance more innovative by releasing products into packs or sets which many first-time users find very helpful since it eliminates the hassle of choosing from hundreds of items. One set is good for 3-months use and maintenance:

  • A Perfect World. The silver tip white tea, well known as an antioxidant, is this product's most active ingredient. It works effectively in diminishing wrinkles and skin blemishes caused by aging, pollutants and stress. It also keeps the skin firm and young looking. This set includes a moisturizer, age protector, skin guardian, cleanser, lotion and eye cream. The price range for products under this set is from $20 to $38.50.
  • Dr. Andrew Weil's Collection. Best used for easily irritated and sensitive skin, the products from this set includes a face cream, face serum, calming skin mask, facial lotion, bedtime cream and skin relievers. They work to restore the skin's natural condition, making it clearer, firmer and healthier. Prices of products under the Dr. Andrew Weil collection fall from $21 to $66.
  • Brighter By Nature. Dark spots are significantly reduced and the skin tone becomes more even with continuous use of products from the Brighter By Nature set. This is Origins' natural alternative to a laser treatment. The collection includes a correcting moisturizer, skin brightener, serum and peel cream. These are priced at $37.50 to $42.50.
  • Starting Over. The effectiveness of creams, erasers and moisturizers under the Starting Over set eliminates the need for collagen injections to remove wrinkles and fine lines. The products are priced at $35 and $45.
  • Youthopia. Regular application of the products in the Youthopia line helps make the skin firmer and tighter. The result is similar to getting a facelift, minus the costly procedure. The set includes an eye cream, skin firming cream, lotion, serum and foundation ranging from $39 to $50.

Origins skin care also has a set of products that are created for men only. These include aftershaves, creams, shaving oil and bath items all made with similar organic plant-based formula.

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