Ponds Skin Care

Simple and effective ingredients is why Ponds skin care formulas continue to be a major part of daily skin cleansing, and moisturizing regimes for many. Pond's skin creams are hypoallergenic and include cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers and anti aging creams and skin creams from Pond's are affordably priced.


Since 1840 the Ponds company has been providing skin care products to the public and were originally created by Theron Pond in a laboratory in New York. The first Ponds skin care product was a witch hazel extract called Pond's Extract that was so popular, that by the 1870's the Pond's Company had factories in Canada, Great Britain and the United States. Toiletries and other cosmetics were added allowing the Pond's Corporation to expand into over 100 countries by the mid 1950's.

Cold Cream

Deep cleaning, gentle, moisturizing cold cream has been a household staple of Pond's skin care for over 150 years and the unique blend of emollients and essential plant oils provides safe yet effective cleansing. Ponds Cold Cream does not clog skin pores but is strong enough to remove all types of makeup including waterproof mascara.

Dry Skin Creams

Sensitive skin needs special attention and Ponds Dry Skin Cream is formulated with extra moisturizers and essential plant oils that provide skin with an effective tool to help prevent dryness. Pond's dry skin cream can be applied multiple times throughout the day and is an effective overnight moisturizer. Using Ponds cream for dry skin will help keep skin looking youthful as humectants included in this cream naturally encourage skin to retain moisture unlike chemicals that can damage sensitive skin tissues.

Clarant B3 Skin Creams

Clarant B3 skin creams contain Vitamin B3 that is essential to balancing skin tones and healing damaged skin tissues.

  • Clarant B3 for normal to dry skin heals and nourishes aging and damaged skin and extra Vitamin C provides skin with a natural antioxidant that protects the skin from additional UV damage.
  • Clarant B3 for normal to oily skin reduces the appearance of dark spots without harsh chemicals and the antioxidant power of Vitamin C protects new skin from damage.
  • Clarant B3 formulas can be used under makeup, as part of a daily skin care program and as an overnight moisturizer.

Rejuveness Cream

Ponds provides strong tools for the fight against aging, and Ponds skin care researchers developed Rejuveness Cream that can be applied in the morning and evening to both neck and face plus Rejuveness can be used as an overnight therapy to provide deep moisturizing. The special combination of alpha hydroxy acids, lacto-nutrients, collagen and Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that helps sooth irritated skin, provides skin tissues with all the building blocks needed to restore elasticity and balance moisture.

Crema Skin Cream

Ponds skin care products Crema S and C can be used twice a day, under makeup and as deep overnight moisturizers.

  • Crema S is formulated with Grapefruit and Apple extracts help to nourish skin tissues and Marine Seaweed extract to provide skin tissues with additional minerals for healthy growth.
  • Crema C has essential plant oils plus powerful emollients to deep clean skin pores without upsetting the skin's natural balance of moisturizers and Crema C does not require rinsing.

All Ponds skin care formulas are hypoallergenic, created with simple, natural ingredients that promote healing, soothe and nourish delicate facial skin and give customers an affordable choice to help restore and maintain healthy skin.

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