Preparation H for Wrinkles

Until a few years ago, using Preparation H for wrinkles produced amazing results. However, the US Food and Drug Administration required the Pfizer Company to re-formulate the product.

Working Formula

Preparation H's original formula included shark liver oil and bio-dyne which is a group of substances that hasten sugar metabolism and encourage cellular reproduction and growth. Biodynes are also referred to as tissue and skin respiratory factors and today this compound is obtained from yeast and is known as Live Yeast Cell Derivatives. LYCDs contain minerals, carbohydrates, nucleic and amino acids and proteins and oxygenate skin tissues that hasten cell repair and growth and the FDA classifies LYCDs as wound healing agents.

Old and New

The original Preparation H formula had a long track record of being an effective, affordable option in the fight against aging as many women including models used Preparation H for wrinkles. The new formula contains a vasoconstrictor agent called phenylephrine that temporarily tightens the skin reducing the visibility of wrinkles. When customers compared the old and new formulas, the original Preparation H formula provided long lasting wrinkle reduction while the new formula only provided a temporary visual reduction.

Canadian Formula

Customers who want to purchase the original Preparation H formula can order it from Canada where there are no regulations prohibiting the inclusion of shark liver oil and biodyne in an over the counter medication. Consumers can go to for information and retailers that offer the original Preparation H formula containing biodyne however some of these online retailers may not always have this product in stock. Customers will need to keep in mind that additional shipping time will be incurred due to customs and a higher than average shipping fee will apply.


Preparation H for wrinkles is easy to use and for many results can be seen in a few weeks. Gently rubbing a small amount of cream under and around the eyes were bags, discoloration and wrinkles have appeared and allowing the cream to remain on the skin is the most effective way to use Preparation H. Patience and perseverance is important when waging war against wrinkles, it took time for wrinkles to form and it will take some time to reduce the severity and visibility of wrinkles. Advocates of treating wrinkles with Preparation H state that using this cream twice a day everyday will produce results in two to four weeks depending on how deep the wrinkles are.

Additional Benefits

Preparation H may have additional benefits in addition to treating hemorrhoids and reducing wrinkles, biodyne contains peptides that help skin rebuild collagen which may help other problem skin areas. Facial skin is easily damaged and everyone should use a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide when outside, lessen exposure to environmental pollutants especially cigarette smoke and eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. A healthy diet, exercise program and choosing a skin care regime that is followed daily will improve skin health and may help prevent and reduce the signs of aging.

Preparation H for wrinkles is an affordable way to reduce eye puffiness as well as reduce the visibility of wrinkles around and under the eyes and is still available in its original formula from Canada.

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