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Ground zero for a rousing StriVectin testimonial is on the StriVectin website. To sum it up:

"StriVectin-SD helps give you a youthful, healthy, glowing complexion faster than retinol, far superior to vitamin C, and without irritation, needles, or surgery."

Of course I suspect you would prefer some independent reviews from fellow consumers or independent experts.

J Lo is one of many celebs to give a StriVection testimonial.

In 2007, five thousand French women (the true international icons of style) voted StriVectin SD their number one wrinkle remover cream at Les Grand Prix Advantages de la Beaute (Advantage's Grand Prix of Beauty). The award was based on "pleasure, innovation, confidence and effectiveness".

StriVection has also been successful in winning celebrity testimonals.

Isaac Mizrahi, the TV host, Sex in the City actor, author, fashion designer, and all around cool guy has endorsed the product and made special appearances to talk about StriVectin and wrinkles.

Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Paula Abdul, and even American Idol's Simon Cowell all report being devotees.

Looking at online testimonials from "regular" women and you can find everything from:

"I did not notice any reduction in wrinkles or better texture in my skin."


"I'm 59 years old, and have used StrVectin-SD for over a year. I now have virtually no crow's feet, and lines elsewhere appear diminished as well. The product adds radiance that just wasn't there before."

StriVectin reviews

One thing I have learned after years in this business is there are always conflicting testimonials about any wrinkle remover cream. The truth is we do all like to hear ourselves talk.

Dig deeper and the average StriVectin testimonial is often lukewarm at best.

One reliable technique is to go to a huge site like Amazon where there are a large number of genuine opinions and the entire review process is transparent. Any StriVectin testimonial on Amazon is from a regular person, not a StriVectin marketer.

From Amazon:

By R. E. Brush (WestLinn, Oregon) 5 stars I have used Retin A for years (15) and this works as good as. The difference is that this works - with results in days and no redness or peeling.

By Donna M. Richter (Endicott, NY) 5 stars I have been using this product for 4 weeks now. I can definitely see a difference in the tone of my skin and my wrinkles are less noticeable.

From The Skin Care Company 4 stars Several weeks into the treatment produced excellent results on the wrinkles of my skin. My husband kept on commenting that I looked really young, that beside me, he looks like my father. I suggested to him to also use the cream, not because he also had a lot of wrinkles but it is also good for the skin. Now, we both use Strivectin-SD eye cream and have gotten numerous remarks on how great and young we looked. Thanks to Strivectin!

From The Skin Care Company 3 stars I have been using Strivectin for approximately 6 weeks. I have noticed a slight difference in the puffiness and crows feet around my eyes however not much difference in other areas. I am relatively new to the product so I am being patient and will continue to use the product. The only caution I would have is that I find the cream way too thick to use under makeup so it is difficult to use it more than twice a day I typically only use it at night.

One of the most interesting StriVectin "non-testimonials" is from industry expert Paula Begoun, author of "Don't Go To The Comestics Counter Without Me". Her assessment of the Better than Botox wrinkle remover cream?

"StriVectin is merely a moisturizer with some good emollients and antioxidants."

However, she is busy promoting her own alternative products so this does undermine Paula's credibility.

It is likely that the truth lies in the middle, as this StriVectin testimonial reviewer explains:

by Caitlin on 1/27/08 4 stars StriVectin is the best product I have ever used. Do I still have wrinkles? Yes! StriVectin does NOT make them vanish. However, they are MUCH less visible. One thing for sure is that it is worth the money. The smell is nice (I think) but my husband hates the smell - that is the only downside to StriVectin. Other than this, it is much cheaper and more fun than Botox or surgery!

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