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Should you buy Obagi skin care online? . . Maybe . . .

Obagi works extremely well for some women but traditionally it could be a little pricey, and inconvenient to obtain.

You see, traditionally Obagi products either:

1. Required a prescription, or

2. Could only be purchased through an accredited medical spa or similar.

Buy Ogagi skin care from a reputable online skin care store.

Now Obagi skin care is available at online, leading to some price discounting, and also enabling consumers to read product reviews from other shoppers.

TIPS AND (POSSIBLE) TRIPS: Some big discounters such as e-Bay sellers offer products that may be expired, remnant, or secondary market products, and also charge expensive shipping. We advise you DO NOT buy Obagi skin care in this way. You may get burned (literally!)

Obagi provide a handy tool so that you can buy Obagi skin care from the closest licensed specialist: Use the official Obagi locator if you want to visit an expert to buy Obagi Skincare.

To buy Obagi skin care, compare prices on a standard product like Nu-Derm Clear.

Good deals on price are available from Amazon. However, these require you to go through a third party - they do not come directly from Amazon so you may experience delays with shipping, returns and customer service.

If you buy Obagi skincare through somewhere like Amazon, you can often get better prices but may have to pay for shipping and can't get the benefits of becoming a member with on-going rewards. Mainly, you do not get the benefit of being able to consult an expert!

You need to know that Obagi themselves DO NOT ADVISE THIS: "Obagi System does not endorse purchasing products from the Internet without a Physician prescription and guidance."

I would buy Obagi skin care to look this good with no make-up.

In order to buy Obagi skin care, you need to know which Obagi system will suit your skin best.

Obagi provide a total skin care system and the products have very specific uses and are intended to be used in a specialized combination, depending on your individual skin.

If you are going to save money and time by purchasing online, you need to understand the Obagi skin care system.

First of all, Obagi skincare actually involves four different systems:

  1. Obagi Nu-Derm: The classic anti-aging system with effective ingredients such as hydroquinone, tretinoin, and alpha hydroxy acids. Be warned - yes, ultimately this is one of teh best wrinkle remover creams, but often there is a lot of peeling, redness, and flakiness in the first few weeks, and your skin will look worse before it looks better. It can be very scary to use unsupervised and may be a very radical approach for some women. It is good for getting rid of age spots and other discoloration.

  2. Obagi-C Rx: Described as the "early intervention" Obagi skin care system, it uses hydroquinone and vitamin C to expose a healthier, younger complexion and help prevent further deterioration. It is good for repairing sun damage (wearing sunscreen in the first place is much better!)

  3. Obagi CLENZIderm: The anti-acne system for clearing blemishes.

  4. Obagi Professional-C: Strong antioxidant formulations based on vitamin C. Another anti-aging system, this time based on "banishing free radicals".

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