Does Obagi Work?

Women all over the world keep asking - Does Obagi work?

Everything from Obagi's signature blue peel to the professional seal of approval through traditionally only being available through doctors and accredited medical spas has added to the Obagi allure.

Today there is so much information available online that it is easy to research consumer and clinical reviews of Obagi, and to find the best Obagi deals.

Also, at last it is possible to purchase Obagi at competitive prices online, instead of having to go for a pricey consultation at dermatologist or spa.


Here are the facts:

It is true that there is medical expertise behind Obagi and its "medicalized" marketing is not just sales spin. The products were developed by an accomplished dermatologist - Dr Zein E. Obagi. It is also true that Obagi have clinical studies available to back up their claims.

According to Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr Craig Kraffert:

"In my clinical experience, both the C Rx and Nu-Derm Systems are balanced and well designed regimens that really do offer the potential for dramatic results. I have seen impressive patient results with both systems. Retinoids such as Retin A can be used with either system but are only promoted for integration with the Nu Derm System. Obagi's two product lines offer proven results based upon incorporation of the most popular rejuvenation compounds - retinoids, glycolic acid, vitamin C and hydroquinone. The packaging is consistent and of good quality. The descriptive and indexed labeling facilitates learning and habituation of the regimens. I think these products are really quite excellent as a group."

If you want to do your own direct, personal research to see "Does Obagi work?", learn how to save money when you buy Obagi skin care.

Obagi reviews

So does Obagi work?

On e-opinions Obagi reviews were on average 4 out of 5 stars. Most users had positive things to say about performance, but the drawback is generaly seen to be the the cost.


The Amazon reviews are even better, with an average of 5 stars.

Again, most consumers like the results but express concerns over price.

Interestingly, the view from the experts is exactly the same!

Paula Begoun, author of "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me" does give some Obagi products an "Excellent" rating and includes them in Paula's Picks, BUT with the caveat that they are pricey.

Some Obagi products work particularly well because of the inclusion of hyrdoquinone. Discover facts about hydroquinone side effects. Sometimes people ask does Obagi work as well as Tri-Luma? The difference is that you need a prescription for Tri-Luma and it also contains a corticosteroid. Tri-luma is excellent, but it is more focused on the specific skin disorder of melasma.

However, as Cosmetics Cop Paual Begon points out, there are other combination tretinoin (Retinol/Vitamin A) and hydroquinone products out there and these are worth investigtaing if Oggi seems too expensive.

Obagi maintenance

Obagi is sold as a system and it is important to carefully follow directions about the best mix of products and frequency of use. In terms of some of the prescription-only Obagi products, many women end up developing their own schedule and use their Obagi less frequently than suggested. There are three reasons for this:

Dr Obagi is a great innovator and dermatologist and suggests regular Obagi maintenance
  1. Women get good results and eventually need less.

  2. Elizabeth Arden once famously said "There are no ugly women, only lazy women." Unfortunately, not all consumers are committed to a regular skincare routine.

  3. As mentioned before, the products can cause peeling and redness - a little goes a long way and sometimes skin fares better with a break. (Remember though, the peeling and redness is jsut part of the process with some Obagi systems - it is only temporary and after this first stage skin is greatly improved and it is time to relax and move on to Obagi maintenance.)

If you think you may become pregnant (there is speculation that tretinoin and hydroquinone may harm the fetus), an in-office procedure like a laser peel may be better than continuing Obagi maintenance.

The flagship product that has probably had the most research done is Obagi Nu Derm Clear. Does Obagi work? We would love to know about your experiences with Obagi and Obagi maintenance. Do you endorse it as a wrinkle remover cream? Use Our Contact form and let us know - does Obagi work?

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